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Customer Referral Program

Consumer buying decisions are dominated by customer referral programs. Consumers place a heavy handed amount of trust in friends, family, colleagues and influencers in the social space to help them make the right purchasing decision on big ticket or everyday items. So customers acquired by referral programs are your best customers.

With Extole, you have the power to turn your customers into your biggest advocates. Our customer referral program software is changing the game, and gives buyers the ability to recommend your products with our easy to use customer referral platform. Marketers can launch, measure and optimize multiple refer-a-friend campaigns for every aspect of their business, and create an experience solely built for the consumer.

Extole’s customer referral program gives marketers:

  • Unique refer-a-friend experiences to ensure your brand is front and center
  • Defined advocate segments to target your biggest movers and shakers
  • Robust analytics platform that gives you deep level insights on what the social sphere thinks of your brand

Create advocates, convert friends, change your brand recognition. Learn more about Extole’s customer referral program software and revolutionize the way customers see your brand.

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