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Customer Referral Programs Ideas

Are you looking to create energy and buzz for people with the most passion for your great products by propelling a growing brand? It doesn’t happen by accident very often. The best brands achieve market control by deliberately approaching and setting plans in motion step by step. The foundation of those plans are great customer referral programs ideas.

Customers want to recommend your brand to their friends. You just have to simply let them. To help identify and engage your greatest customer advocates, you need an equally great, high performing program. . Our customer referral programs ideas inspire you and demand that you to take advantage of the opportunity to market through your advocates. This in turn allows you to deliver the growth you expect.

Extole’s customer referral platform changes the game. Giving power to the buyer allows them to share your brand message with family and friends. Stumped on new ideas for  your customer referral program ? Extole has you covered with:

  • Contests: Reward dedicated and loyal customers referring your brand to followers
  • Seasonal campaigns:  Tap into special events by running referral campaigns based on buying season. This allows collecting more value from peaks in traffic
  • Rewards program: Rewarding customers for referring friends incentivizes the referral process and increases new customer conversions

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