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Customer Referral Software

The whole point to getting and using customer referral software is to reward people for telling their friends about your business. People share their experiences about products or services for many reasons. Looking good, impressing others, and teaching or helping are just a few.

Extole is one of the leading customer referral software companies on the market. Many well known businesses use Extole to run very successful refer a friend programs such as Starbucks, Virgin America and Microsoft to name a few.

With Extole, they consider 3 things to be very important for a customer referral software:

  1. Experience matters – We’ve built the most programs in the industry, have benchmarks to guide growth, and instant rewards and fraud protection
  2. Consumer experience matters – We sweat the details and design every part to get the best results. Mobile ready, personal share codes, and a choice of templates or fully customizable
  3. Your experience matters – We’ll launch you quickly, guide program optimization, and help your program grow

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