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Customer Referral Value

How valuable is word of mouth marketing? What is the customer referral value in today’s market? The most powerful marketing tool available today is the customer referral. There’s no better source for new business than the referral from a satisfied customer. A customer’s referral is also the most cost-effective way to not only gain new business, but retain old customers.

Extole’s platform will give you the upper hand when introducing a customer referral program and determining your customer referral value. Extole is the industry leader for referral marketing.  Well known world wide brands such Starbucks and Virgin America create, manage, and optimize refer-a-friend programs with help from Extole.

Extole is all about the customer referral value and here is why:

  • Remake marketing by driving customer activation, not just customer acquisition
  • Reaching and motivating Millennial’s means creating an active and authentic voice, and spreading that voice through social channels they respect
  • Brands of the future will be valued on the level of activity within their customer base
  • Our platform is built for high-engagement, but is also low friction

Extole prides ourselves on the massive volume of referrals we generate for our customers.

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