How to gain from a satisfied customer

Customer Referral

One of the most powerful marketing tools available today is the customer referral. There is no better source of new business than a referral from a satisfied customer. A customer referral is also the most cost-effective way to gain new business, yet retain old customers.

Extole can give you the upper hand when introducing a customer referral program. Extole is the industry leader when it comes to referral marketing.  Brands create, manage, and optimize refer-a-friend programs to increase customer acquisition with help from Extole’s platform.

Extole is all about the customer referral and here is why:

  •  Our mission is to remake marketing by driving customer activation, not only customer acquisition
  • Reaching and motivating the Millennial means creating an active, authentic voice, and spreading that voice through the social channels they respect
  • Brands of the future will be valued on the level of activity of their customer base
  • Our platform is built for low-friction and high-engagement

Extole prides ourselves on the massive volume of referrals we generate for our customers.

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