Strong recommendations from your current customers deliver the best new customers

Customer Referrals

A customer referral program seamlessly ingrained into the customer journey is necessary to ensure the rapid expansion of your brand. Sharing that is woven into the experience of your customer will help you motivate your dedicated fans  to create recommendations that amplify your business’ message, that reach people who aren’t searching for you, and that resonate in a world crowded by marketing noise.

Create a simple and powerful advocate experience with Extole and cultivate strong, lasting relationships with existing customers while acquiring new customers predisposed to loving your brand.

A successful customer referral program follows four simple rules:

  1. A more personal relationship with your customers creates memorable experiences they are more likely to share with friends and family. If you’re investing in personalization, you should also have an advocacy program
  2. Give your customers access to useful resources to make the referral process simple and effective; invest in a customer referral program that’s easy to use and reliable
  3. Be transparent and clearly communicate referral intent so customers know are well-informed about how to share and what happens when they share
  4. Reward your customers for their advocacy to make sure they know they are valued and to keep them vocal and active.

Referred customers are better customers. Contact Extole today and take advantage of your existing customer base to propel your brand. Our 2022 Referral Best Practices Guide is also a great resource and a great place to start.

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