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Digital Acquisition

At the most basic level, your growth in online sales comes either from acquiring new customers or from repeat purchases from your existing customers. Marketers trying to acquire new customers too often spend too much only to reach customers they’ve already acquired. Reaching new customers who are not searching for you on Google remains elusive.

Refer-a-friend programs do just that. A referral from an existing customer is like a search result that appears in the inbox of someone who has not searched for your brand. Marketing, measuring, and optimizing refer-a-friend can turn referral into a scalable digital acquisition channel:

Cross-channel experiences – customers need to be able to share your brand easily and conveniently. Extole makes it easy to include referral as a part of the web, mobile, email, and offline experiences of your customers.

Rewards advocates and friends – activate advocacy by offering your existing customers a compelling reward earned when their friends convert. Make the offer delivered by your advocates to their friends unique to the referral program. Extole automates reward tracking and delivery.

Remove the barriers – poorly designed referral programs hamper the impact of your refer-a-friend efforts. Barriers that prevent sharing like difficult to find sharing experiences, intimidating terms and conditions, and even logins reduce reach and  prevent your refer-a-friend digital acquisition efforts from meeting their full potential.

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