Marketing at a specific group of consumers

Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing is distributing content for a targeted audience online. To be successful, you need to setup marketing goals and have a plan in place how you can achieve them.

You want your marketing to convert leads and attract new customers. We get that. But with Extole, we also help you concentrate on a bigger piece of the consumer pie, which is retention. Retaining customers leads to more sales without spending more advertising dollars. This means higher profit at a lower cost.

Extole’s platform turns everyday customers into advocates by:

  • Advocate Profiles – Use social network and first party data about your advocates to power your marketing efforts
  • Authentic Referrals – Raise brand awareness by encouraging every customer to recommend your brand to family and friends
  • On-Brand Sharing – Create an effortless, integrated sharing experience with a referral program tailored to your brand

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