Maximize your digital marketing tactics

Digital Marketing Tactics

Referral marketing is growing rapidly and new players are added into the field each and every day. With that comes greater competition to fight for recognition from the audience that elevates your business brand. Are your digital marketing tactics maximizing your reach? Extole’s refer-a-friend technology is easy to use, can turn refer-a-friend newbies into referral marketing experts, and help you enhance your business.

Using Extole, you can create new, or improve on, existing digital marketing tactics with:

  • Advocate Profiles – Use first-party and social network data to power other marketing efforts
  •  On-Brand Sharing – Tailor a referral experience to your brand
  • Reward Engine – Use rewards to thank advocates and friends

What’s keeping you from making the switch? Download our 2016 referral marketing guide and learn how Extole can upgrade your digital marketing tactics.

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