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Direct Marketing Tactic

What exactly are direct marketing tactics? When people think of mass marketing, they think of grocery mailers in every mailbox, with coupons galore. Given the advances within technology today, and the constant connectivity in today’s digital world, marketers have altered their brand and mass marketing approaches to fit the non traditional direct marketing model available today.

With Extole, company’s can grow more adept when targeting and engaging their customers; especially on a personalized one-to-one basis.

Using Extole for your digital marketing tactics allows you to:

  • Build a solid foundation – Set up a campaign you can analyze, modify, and and expand
  • Test Rewards – Rewards by themselves do not determine if someone will refer, but they will definitely push someone to refer RIGHT NOW
  • Be responsive to your customers mobility – Have a referral program that is automatically responsive to mobile users

People often think that referral programs give money away for free, and push customer acquisition costs higher—but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

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