Looking for new email marketing campaign ideas that help you acquire quality customers at scale?

Email Marketing Campaigns

Refer a friend email marketing campaigns are a great way to acquire your best customers in the most efficient way possible. According to Extole’s best practices, 50% of your referral program promotion should come from email marketing campaigns. Whether a call to action lives within your normal drip email series, or is a dedicated email blast to your best customers, outbound marketing is core to powering a scalable program. A couple things to consider before launching your referral email marketing campaign:

Easy Campaign Scheduler
Look at your email schedule to ensure that there is a good spot for the dedicated email blast around referrals to go out. You don’t want to crowd your customers with and offers due to the high risk that they might get overwhelmed or frustrated by the number of frequent contacts.

Easily Updatable Templates
Update your email template for your newsletter or regular drip emails to include a smaller sized call to action in the header.

Smart Spam Filters
Use an enticing subject line that gets users to open and click though, but make sure you test it through the spam filter to ensure nothing is going to spam!

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