Looking for a great email marketing platform to power your referral program?

Email Marketing Platform

Outbound marketing, where you are proactively reaching out to your customers, should make up a significant portion of your promotional marketing mix that powers your referral program. Extole has powered hundreds of referral programs over the last couple years, and according to our best practices, 50% of your promotional content should come from outbound sources. This means that you are proactively reaching out to your best customers and asking them to refer their friends to your brand rather than assuming they will stumble upon a referral promotion on your site. To reach out to those customers, you’ll need an email marketing platform that is easy to use and easy to update content. Things to consider before picking a platform:

Easy to build
Can you easily look at all of your scheduled marketing campaigns and ensure that referrals can be seamless added?
Easy to update
Can you update your newsletter templates to insert creative and images to power the referral program?
Easy to ensure success
Is it easy to test the spam filter to ensure that all emails containing the referral program delivery to your customers’ inboxes?

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