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Email Referral Program

Email and referrals go hand and hand. It’s safe to say, if you are good at email marketing, you’ll be great at referral marketing. Why? Because your existing customers want to refer your brand and products. You just have to let them by making it easy and rewarding. And email is a great way to communicate with your potential advocates. A well-timed email to a new customer or a compelling email to an existing customer will get them to share with their friends. And an email recommendation from an advocate will spark purchase and raise awareness with an audience not searching for you.

The Extole platform allows marketers to launch, measure, and optimize refer-a-friend programs and to create seamless sharing experiences for advocates. And, the Extole platform is deeply connected to your email marketing efforts:

  • Detailed promotional email tracking;

  • Default email copy for quick sharing;

  • Advocate share emails sent directly from advocates to friends with high deliverability;

  • Access to advocate email share message feed inside our marketer’s admin and analytics console;

  • First-share triggered emails thanking new advocates for sharing;

  • Emails to friends reminding them of their rewards;

  • Automated and on-demand  stats emails keeping your advocates apprised of their rewards and friend actions;

  • Reward delivery via email for both friends and advocates;

  • Integrations with major enterprise Email Service Provider platforms.

To learn how Extole can help you build a great referral program and can connect with your existing marketing capabilities, download our infographic.

Download Our Infographic.

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