How to use them once found

Finding Brand Advocates

Finding brand advocates for your business can help boost sales. You as a business owner are it’s biggest advocate. But due to human nature, customers are more influenced to buy from you, if they find out about your business on their own, rather than from straightforward, in-their-face advertising.

Extole’s platform can help find great, loyal customers, who are already acting as your brand advocates. Great referral programs keep advocates engaged and coming back to share more.

With Extole finding brand advocates helps your referral program with:

  • Advocacy everywhere – Your program needs to be everywhere customers are – loyalty programs are only as successful as they are visible
  • Frictionless sharing –  Beautiful, simple, and on brand share experiences drive more advocate shares
  • Instant gratification – Instantly reward advocates and friends when referrals occur to avoid losing motivation

Strengthen your brand by giving your advocates the respect and attention they deserve.

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