The beginning of referral business

Free Referral Marketing

What is free referral marketing? Can you find free referral marketing software? You’re unlikely to find any free referral marketing tools realizing the right software will assist in generating revenue for your business. Free referral marketing is knowing the actual act of the referral does not cost anything. It’s easy to send someone a link to products or services you like and trust.

The key is finding a platform to help you integrate a referral program into branding, testing, and incentivizing advocates to share.

Extole is that software platform for you and can help you integrate a referral program by:

  1. Building Advocate Profiles – Social network and first-party data to influence other marketing efforts
  2. On-Brand Sharing – A referral experience tailored to your brand
  3. Collecting Authentic Referrals – Advocacy you can initiate, measure, and optimize by a recommendation sent directly by your customer to a friend

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