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Gaining Brand Advocates

When it comes to allocating marketing dollars, value is most important. Gaining brand advocates that are excited to share experiences with your customers is the best low-cost, yet high-return marketing strategy to apply.

Brand advocates enjoy your products or services so much they’re eager to tell others about it. That can happen via in person or through social media, on a blog or in some sort of publication. Brand advocates can influence online with millions of social media followers, or active, well-respected people in their industry.

Some ways to use Extole in gaining brand advocates are:

  • Send an Email – Move your relationship beyond your company platform
  • Give a discount – Consider offering a modest discount within a referral program
  • Build advocate profiles – Use first-party and social network data about your advocates to power your marketing efforts
  • Authentic referrals – Encourage every customer to recommend your brand to friends and family and raise brand awareness, spark purchases, and acquire better customers

Brand advocates create some of the best value for a small business or emerging brands.

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