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How To Start A Referral Program

A referral is a recommendation you get from a trusted individual, whether it be a friend or family member. If you are a business owner, your goal is to have your existing customers turn into advocates, quick to speak in a positive light of your products or services. If done correctly, how you start a referral program can go a long way towards rewarding those loyal customers who send referrals your way.

Extole helps you reach people you otherwise couldn’t or wouldn’t by conventional marketing channels. The ticket is to look at your referral program from the customer’s perspective.

Strategies for starting a referral program using Extole are:

  1. Push referral early and often – Your marketing campaign is not a state secret; let people know about it
  2. Design your referrals to be easy –  Make every side of the referral process seamless and simple
  3. Make referrals happen everywhere –  Mobile, email, social media; cover it all
  4. Give personalized context – A personal referral is what converts family and friends into loyal customers

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