Combining both loyalty and referral marketing is needed

Loyal Customer Referral Program

A loyal customer referral program is a great place to retain customers who make multiple purchases. However, you need to start a referral program first as customers won’t necessarily buy your products and services simply because you have a loyalty program in place.

With Extole, you can introduce referral early on, then use it to build up a base of customers. Then you hit them hard with the rewards and benefits of a loyal customer referral program to further incentivize advocates to stick with you.

3 reasons to get customers via referral first, then introduce a loyalty program are:

  1. Referral Rewards Customers Immediately -Referral marketing kicks in from the word “Go” by rewarding instantly
  2. Referral Speeds up Customer Acquisition – You need to create a steady stream of new customers to grow like crazy
  3. Referral Targets Customers Who Love Your Brand – Make it easy to send a referral so when advocates are perusing their contacts list, they can identify the perfect new customer for you

Today’s consumers have infinite choice, so acquiring and retaining them is harder than ever.

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