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Marketing Referral Program Ideas

You already have customers but are looking for marketing referral program ideas to keep those customers loyal and turn them into brand advocates. Where do you start, and how do you drive brand advocacy?

Extole is the answer. Integrate your referral experience so that it is seamless with your business. Encourage customers to be more than just purchasers of your goods and services; encourage them to become advocates.

With Extole, your marketing referral program ideas will include:

  • Advocate profiles -Automatically gather first-party and social network data about thousands of advocates
  • On brand sharing – A sharing experience tailored to your brand
  • Authentic referrals – Engaged customers will refer friends and family
  • Reward engine – Reward advocates with loyalty points, coupons, and gift cards for sharing and referring

Download our 2023 referral guide now, and get marketing referral program ideas to promote your products and services.

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