Referrals are dominating our shopping habits, do you have a program?

Marketing Referral Program

When it comes to marketing your referral program, you should treat it just like any other marketing initiative. Loyal customers will spread the word about your product. But they need to know where to start! A well-rounded promotion plan ensures that customers know exactly where to look to refer their friends. Here are several tips to a healthy promotion plan for your referral marketing program:

Onsite Promotion: Customers should know exactly where to find your program. How are they expected to share with friends if they have to dig through their inbox to find a link? A consistent, accessible onsite placement increasing shares
Dedicated Email Drops: Remind your customers about the program with a quarterly email. Time it with an updated promotion or a seasonal campaign to get a bump in customer shares.
Time it Right: Customers are often the happiest when they are new to your product or service. They are on a buyer’s high!  Implementing a auto-pop on your order confirmation page presents customers with an opportunity to share that happy feeling with their friends.

These three pointers are just the tip of the iceberg–learn more about the most effective ways to market your referral program with our 2016 Referral Marketing Best Practices guide.

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