The top 3 benefits of refer a friend marketing

Marketing Referral

Marketing referral programs sounds simple enough. “Give $20, Get $20”, or “Earn Credit”, aren’t too diffilcult to imagine in theory. But for a fully optimized scalable referral program that powers customer acquisition and customer reactivation for your brand, a referral program can quickly become very complicated. And then you throw in auto-fulfillment and fraud prevention… That’s why Extole has been focused on referrals for years. Extole’s referral marketing platform helps marketers market their referral program effectively.

Here’s how we do it:

1) Easy to Share
Extole powered referral programs are easy to use, easy to find, easy to promote, and easy to share.  Marketers love them, and consumers use them. It’s a win-win.

2) Easy to Optimize
A leading referral platform like Extole’s lets marketers build their referral programs into scalable growth channels that are driving big revenue to their brand. Extole’s platform provides marketers with control over their program. Change copy, update promotion zones, increase the incentives… The list goes on and on. Track, test, and optimize your program for better results seamlessly inside of Extole’s platform.

3) On-brand and beautiful
A referral program has to feel like your brand to make it resonate with your consumers. Extole’s programs are not only easy to use, but they are also easy on the eyes. They take on your brands look and fit it’s style seamlessly. Marketers can customize how they wish, update their imagery, and launch their referral programs across all customer touch points.

Extole’s 2016 Referral Guide shows how some of the best brands in the world use Extole to power their referral programs.

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