Mold your message around advocate interests

Marketing Tactics

Think of marketing tactics as having a company strategy to reach a specific business goal such as increasing sales, forging a new brand image, or even expanding your market share.

Extole’s enterprise platform is a perfect fit for all marketing tactics as it can help drive your brand advocacy and influence across every channel. Gather the marketing data you collect from advocates and find out what they have in common and what drives referrals.

Using Extole’s platform  for your marketing tactics allows you to:

  • Turn referral messages into testimonials- Lift quotes directly or reach out to advocates to write particular messages
  • Create broad themes in your messaging – If the same positive comments continually pop up, incorporate them them into your marketing
  • Build marketing around advocate interests – Find out what advocates like in addition to your product to shape your marketing message

If you are looking to build upon your existing marketing tactics, Extole is the perfect platform from which to continue that. Download the referral guide today and see how.

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