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Too many marketing teams are in the unfortunate position of playing marketing catch-up. And it’s understandable. In marketing and in life when something works, the tendency is to do more of it. But the marketing winds shift too quickly to rely exclusively on what is working today. Take a portfolio approach to reduce your marketing risk. By investing in known marketing channels like affiliate and paid social while establishing positions in new marketing channels, your brand will be best positioned to take advantage of changes in consumer behavior, changes in the costs of new customer acquisition, and changes in technology all of which are key drivers in how and where you spend your marketing time and dollars.


One of the marketing channels that has witnessed a huge surge in interest is referral marketing. Customers expect you to have a refer-a-program that’s easy to use, that delivers relevant rewards in real-time, and that is available no matter how and where people experience your brand. Extole is the preferred platform whether you are just starting your referral investment or whether you’re looking to expand the performance and reach of this must-have marketing channel.


Deep Experience

Extole’s SaaS platform is founded on our experience powering hundreds of referral programs for the world’s leading brands. Benefits of that experience range from unrivaled performance & scale to our industry-leading platform security, our extensive fraud prevention capabilities, and our rich analytics and reporting.


Constant Innovation

It is common for brands who have seen the benefit of referral but who feel stuck in neutral with their current provider or with their homegrown solution to turn to Extole to take advantage of our innovation. If you’re investing in the referral marketing channel, you want to make sure that you’re investing with a referral marketing vendor who is leading not with words but with software.


Strength of Vision

Extole’s experience and capacity to innovate both shape and are shaped by a clear vision of how referral marketing will grow and evolve. When you partner with Extole, you can have confidence that you’ll be working with SaaS marketing leaders who will consistently help your brand grow.

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