How do you effectively market to a millenial?

Millennial Marketing

Millennials make up over 21% of consumer purchases which equates to over a trillion dollars of buying power. Where does a millenial spend their money? Almost 50% of them are more willing to purchase from a brand that supports a cause and over 46% say they post pictures with the brands they love. Here’s how to cater to this valuable segment:

Find creative rewards for current and new customers. Instead of a discount on a purchase, pledge to donate to 1 of many charities Extole offers.

Allow your customers to easily share your brand on their social channels.

Target and promote differently to your customers who share your brand on their social channels.

It’s clear that in today’s day and age a millenial has more opportunity to purchase and purchasing power than ever before. With Extole, make marketing to a millenial with targeting and personalization easy and painless for your team. Download the Extole Best Practices Guide to learn more about how Extole’s platform works and can help you market effectively!

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