Online referral software

Online Referral Software

With the software industry expanding, it has enabled companies to use online referral software to track referral results. The power of online referral software has enabled customers to share with friends, family, and social media followers. This drives new customer acquisition while also promoting loyalty among existing customers. Leverage tracking critical marketing metrics within your strategy to craft new and improved marketing measures.  

Here are 4 principles from Extole to keep in mind with your online referral software:

  • Allow customers to connect and share through your website, on email, in-app, or by social media
  • Keep customers coming back with a user friendly experience
  • Make the sharing experience personal for all parties
  • Shopping and conversion should be smooth for both advocates and newbies

Online referral software does not need to be complicated. Download our best practices guide now and get tips on how to carry out a successful referral program.

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