Capitalizing on customer attention through customizable order confirmation emails

Order Confirmation Email

Brands are fighting a war of attention over their current and potential customers, and the best strategies target users by leveraging their order confirmation emails. Order confirmation emails have an open rate of 60%, compared to a mere 18% of standard emails, therefore brands need to leverage this attention to provide a seamless call to action for their customers to share their favorite brands with their friends.

Extole’s refer-a-friend platform gives brands the power to customize these vital emails, and allow for their customers to spread promotional discounts directly after the point of sale. Some things to consider when crafting order confirmation emails:


Strong Call To Action

With 64% of customers considering confirmation emails as the most valuable type, companies must ensure that this message goes beyond outlining a previous purchase and actually prompts customers to share the brand with their friends. Extole powers these call to actions within the confirmation email, giving the excited customer the ability to increase their future spending on the site by offering promotions to their friends and family through a few clicks.


Customizable Options 

Brands fall into the “set it and forget it” attitude when sending out confirmation emails. Having the ability to constantly update their message or change their promotions based on season or trend, is essential to not letting this crucial interaction with a customer go unnoticed.


On-Brand Experience

After making a purchase, a customer waits to see a confirmation of an investment they just made in a particular brand. By having this message be on-brand, elegant, and engaging, customers are satisfied with choosing your brand and are excited about the next steps. Extole provides the tools for companies to fashion these valuable emails to their next customers. 


Order confirmation emails are one of the best ways to add value to your customers, and Extole helps businesses expand their reach through our customizable and on-brand suite of tools.

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