An order confirmation is a relationship spark

Order Confirmation

Your relationship with your customer is built on a series of sparks. The beginning spark is when they first see or hear about your brand and is followed by their impression when they first visit your site.

Along their path to purchase, there are other sparks: how fast your site is, its design, your pricing. These sparks are from you to them. But when they finally check out, that order confirmation is a spark from them to you. How you fan it is a big contributor to whether a new customer becomes a repeat customer who can grow into an advocate who tells everyone they know about your brand or products or service.

Engagement Programs

Extole gives you the power to do more with a customer than ask her to purchase again. She can share with her friends, she can receive a friends & family offer that includes the ability to share an exclusive offer, she can nominate someone deserving of special recognition, you can surprise her with a special gift.

Relationship Map

Extole includes a powerful capability for mapping your customer relationships. With that insights, your marketing approach can be more tailored, more meaningful, less transactional.

Customer Journeys

Extole’s event tracking system lets you understand a purchase in context. It’s no longer a singular event but part of a journey that you can see, measure, and optimize.


More engaged customers are more likely to market on your behalf, stay loyal, and purchase more frequently. With an understanding that one order confirmation can spark not just another order but other important activities, you can create a better customer relationship. Download our Best Practices Guide or connect with our team to learn more!




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