Referral: boosting organic reach via your best customers

Organic Reach

Organic reach, defined as the number of unique visitors to a site, has been decreasing steadily since 2014. In order to counter this trend, businesses are placing an increasing amount of effort on identifying their best customers and empowering them through referral.

People are 4x more likely to make a purchase when referred by a friend, and as customers are becoming increasingly aware of the advertising tactics used to attract their buying power, the recommendation from a trusted friend becomes a major factor in their decision making. Extole powers this process at scale, allowing for companies to identify their strongest customers while giving them the seamless tools to spread the reach of their favorite brands. Some points to consider before choosing referral as your new method of growing organic reach:


Authentic Outreach

Customers are becoming more adept in identifying how brands market, and they now value the trusted endorsement of a brand from a friend over a superficial advertisement.


Simple Process

Extole prompts customers in a variety of different formats both on your site and in post-purchase calls to action. We make your referrals visible to customers wherever they may interact with your brand, and provide best-in-class speed when they promote your brand to their friends.


Scalable Rewards

Referral is a mutually beneficial way of increasing organic growth, and Extole gives the company the options to choose exactly how they cater to the unique needs of each customer. Extoles’ flexible program gives your company the means to adjust the types of benefits received by both parties based on the nuances of their purchasing pattern, site engagement, or your own promotional ideas.


Extole is the leading platform to capitalize on the essential word-of-mouth referrals which are driving the best businesses to increase their organic reach. By leveraging your best customers through Extole’s robust and customizable platform, you will provide a seamless way for your customers to grow your brand for you.

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