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Paid Referral Program

What is a paid referral program? Ever been offered a discount, gift card, or cash incentive to refer someone to a business? If so, then you’ve been asked for a paid referral. Paid referrals cost less for your business as the additional sales more than pay for the extra expense the referral creates. Also, referred customers tend to be more profitable and spend more money overall.

Extole is the leading enterprise advocacy platform.  Our powerful platform integrates your referral program seamlessly with your site and branding. This allows customers to easily share your brand, products or services.

A paid referral program using Extole allows you to:

  • Tailor sharing experiences to your brand
  • Capture referrals and conversions with our easy-to-implement platform for site, app, and store
  • Engage customers that will promote referrals to friends and family
  • Reward loyal advocates which in turn boosts retention

Start a paid referral program today and see how easy it is to get new business for your company without spending serious marketing dollars. Download our 2016 referral guide now.

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