Collect referrals from business associates

Partner Referral Program

A partner referral program can be viewed as an agreement between two entities that prospective leads for new business will be sent through methods such as email, messaging, or websites.

How does Extole fit into this? Extole is the industry-leader in referral marketing and helps brands create, manage, and optimize, refer-a-friend programs to increase customer acquisition.

Some techniques Extole considers to help your partner referral program be successful are:

  • Make the referral consumer experience enjoyable – From how you design looks, to how easy the referral process is
  • Simplify the reward process -Click a share link or enter in a referral code, receive your discount
  • Make the process feel personal – When consumers feel appreciated they will send out more referrals, and ultimately spend more money

Maximize performance and bring the best customers to your brand by making your referral program as personal and genuine as possible. Download the best practices guide and see how Extole can do that for you.

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