People-based marketing - what it is and what it isn't

People-Based Marketing

Your next must-have marketing strategy is people-based marketing, right? First, though, let’s figure at what it is. At it’s most basic, people-based marketing is an approach to communicating your brand and brand promise to individuals by individuals. Too many software vendors will tell you that it’s about gathering and resolving disparate data about who a visitor actually is and then using that understanding to create a more relevant experience thanks to deeper knowledge. First, isn’t that “unified view of the customer” or “customer data platform”? Regardless, the approach that Extole takes is to not only provide a rich profile as the basis for engaging an individual customer but also to engage new customers by motivating and mobilizing your existing customers.

By viewing customers as participants in your brand not just transactors, your people-based marketing strategy will be more profound and impactful. Customers become part of the marketing equation and not just targets. Extole makes turning marketing from brand-to-consumer to consumer-to-consumer something that can be measured, optimized, expanded. It becomes a precise and powerful part of your marketing.

Capturing Word-of Mouth

Since the foundation of Extole programs is broadly speaking person-to-person sharing, the Extole profile captures relationships between people. Those relationships give you knowledge about who to market to, the power to market to them, and a broad array of insight into the connectedness of customers.

Event-Based Marketing

Extole’s underlying platform is based on events. Events when linked together create journeys that customers travel. And rarely do they travel alone. Activating person-to-person marketing can take the form of referrals, gift suggestions, friends and family offers, special invitations, and more.


With smart marketing, compelling copy, and timely messages, it’s true that customers will share your message organically. But to scale your people-based marketing, rewards help grab attention, overcome consumer inertia, and motivate action. Rewards are the third side of the Extole’s people-based marketing capabilities. Our rewards catalog gives you every option you need to provide a meaningful benefit to customers when they act on your behalf. From loyalty points, site credits, and coupon codes to gift with purchase, gift cards, and custom rewards, the Extole platform gives you the breadth and of course deep insight with rich reporting on who has earned, used, shared their rewards.

If you’re embarking on a people-based marketing strategy, Extole can help. Please contact us today or request a demo to learn more about our platform and services.

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