Modern marketing increasingly means people based marketing

People Based Marketing

Marketers today have an incredibly rich understanding of who their ideal customer is, the likelihood of a channel reaching her, and the cost and return of any marketing tactic. Marketing has truly become people-based whether traditional display and retargeting, social and Facebook, or search and custom audiences.

The next phase for this people-based marketing revolution will be person-to-person rather than brand-to-person. And that’s where Extole excels. We help turn a customer into a member of your marketing team able to reach a perfect audience at a low cost to drive high-value activities!


Refer-a-Friend programs are Extole’s bread and butter and are the foundation of your person-to-person marketing strategy. By making it possible and rewarding for every one of your customers to share their positive experience with their friends. We help unlock incredible value from the customer relationships you’ve already established.

Friends and Family

Friends and Family programs that are truly targeted to a special audience and are not just marketing calendar sales allow your best customers to share special offers with a limited number of their friends. With this exclusivity comes a highly targeted person-to-person marketing campaign initiated by the brand but carried forward by people who know the brand and have great brand loyalty!

Influencer Programs

Influencer programs from Extole help scale your person based marketing initiatives by making it easy to discover, engage, and reward people whose online presence appeals to people who you may not reach through traditional channels. And, even if you can reach them, they are inclined to learn from and aspire to the personalities who create rich, authentic content that drives action. Extole helps you tap this influence without a lot of overhead so that you can learn, optimize, and iterate more quickly than other approaches to influencer marketing permit.


Drop-a-Hint programs powered by Extole take what is inherently a person to person activity, gift-giving, and makes it more personal than registries and other gift purchasing capabilities that are focused on the transaction. Drop-a-hint lets a current customer or prospect quickly and easily send a note to a friend sharing the exact gift she’d like to receive. These experiences are beautifully designed, carry all your branding, and result in a high-converting source of new customers.

Extole offers marketing teams who are expanding or initiating a people-based marketing strategy an array of capabilities that build the connections between people, that increase engagement and loyalty, and that drive revenue and retention. Download our Best Practices Guide or reach out to get a demo. We’d love to partner with you!

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