Starting a refer a friend campaign is easier than you think!

Refer A Friend Campaign

Have you recently been invited to use a high-growth product or company like Uber or AirBnB through a refer a friend campaign and said “I’ll give it a try!” and used the app?  Today, paid content is less trusted by consumers and people are looking to their friends, family and people they trust to tell them what products and brands to buy. This is a win-win for both the consumer who gets personalized products recommended to them by their friends and for the brands who are attracting better, higher quality customers.

Many marketing executives believe that they need to build a complicated technology platform to enable a successful refer a friend campaign. However, by partnering with Extole you can launch a program in just a few weeks. Extole has worked with over 200 companies and has aggregated best practices across the retail, financial services, consumer services, lead generation industries and have become experts in creating successful, profitable refer a friend programs. Some highlights of Extole’s features include:

  • Consulting services to evaluate the  best performing placements of the refer a friend campaign CTAs
  • Cutting-edge platform that rewards advocates and friends immediately through auto-apply codes  
  • Sophisticated fraud prevention so you know you are rewarding the right advocates and putting your money where it counts

To learn more on how to build a best-in-class refer a friend campaign, check out Extole’s 2016 Best Practices guide here.

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