New ways to reach a customer base

Refer A Friend Marketing Ideas

Refer a friend marketing ideas allow you to reach a customer base with success that you may not already have a market reach for. Maybe they aren’t accessible under conventional channels or unsure of your price point and feel it’s out of reach.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to think about refer a friend marketing ideas. What types of referrals work? What timeline should be considered when using specific strategies? What reward types should be used?

Extole’s platform can solve these refer a friend marketing idea problems by reviewing your referral marketing program from the customer’s perspective to possibly include:

  • Pushing referrals early and often – Present those referral opportunities your customers want to share
  • Making referrals happen everywhere – Sending and/or converting from a laptop, mobile device, or tablet allows for access everywhere
  • Designing referrals to be easy and seamless – Make sure there are no hoops to jump through or referral codes to punch in
  • Testing a  different reward structure – Find one that drives growth for your business needs at a reasonable cost

Download the best practices guide now and let Extole  put the excitement back into creative thinking by making it easy to market through customers – not to them.

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