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Refer A Friend Program

The next generation of revolutionary marketing tactics are embedded in refer-a-friend programs. Consumers trust their friends, family, and coworkers to help them make major buying decisions on a regular basis. Poor quality refer-a-friend programs will inhibit your customers from sharing your product to a wider audience that trusts their opinion. Capitalize on your existing customer base with Extole’s refer-a-friend program.

With Extole, you can integrate referral technology seamlessly into your existing brand and website. Our platform allows your business to:

  • Automatically discover advocates that are top sharers, biggest influencers, and revenue drivers
  • Easily edit and customize copy to ensure quick changes that automatically update everywhere
  • Enable outbound promotion with custom source tracking

Amazing consumer experiences start with Extole and end with a positive customer experience. Learn more and join the refer-a-friend revolution.

Learn More And Join The Refer-A-Friend Revolution

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