Allow existing customers to share your product in their own way

Refer A Friend Widget

A Refer a Friend Widget is the start to a successful marketing referral program. It allows existing customers to share your product in their own way. However, a successful referral program is much more than the consumer experience. Referral success requires more than a just a widget. Just like any other marketing initiative, it requires a well-rounded plan. Here are several key factors to keep in mind when planning your referral marketing campaign.

Healthy Promotion Plan: Just like any other successful marketing campaign, it’s vital your program is visible so existing customers know where to find the widget so they can easily share with friends.

Simplicity is Key:  Keep things straightforward. The more hoops customers have to jump through, the less likely they are to come back and refer more.

Keep it Competitive:  It doesn’t matter how much your program is promoted if it doesn’t stand out from other offers onsite. Make sure your offer stands out when compared to other live offers; otherwise, the program will get dismissed

Bottom line: make it easy for customers to share, and make it easy their friends to convert. Check out our 2016 Referral Guide for even more tips on how to make your referral program a success.

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