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Refer Friend Program

People having great experiences with services and products talk about them. If customers are willing to talk about your business, why not setup a refer friend program and take advantage of those situations?

No platform is better than Extole to help organize a friend referral program. Gain new customers from loss leader sales, increase sign ups, and retain the new customer acquisitions that referrals bring in through rewarding existing customers simply talking about your company.

Extole puts powerful, effotless referral marketing at your fingertips by:

  • Building advocate profiles -State of the art referral tracking software including real time reports
  • On-Brand sharing – Completely customize your end-to-end referral experience
  • Authentic referrals – Promote sharing on individual product or content pages
  • Reward engine – Reward with coupons, loyalty points, gift cards, and more

Seamlessly integrate your referral program into your site, apps and branding. Download our best practices guide today and let your customers effortlessly share your brand, products, or services.

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