Add a referral program to your website.

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Want your customers to market your product for you? Easy. Add a referral program to your website. While outbound email promotion is great for promoting program awareness, it’s vital to have prominent promotion placements on your website for users to come back and share over and over again. Here are a couple of tips to make sure your referral program stands out on your website:

Emphasize offer structure: Including offer structure in your call-to-action is the biggest motivator to get a user to share a brand or product. Make it stand out from other offers on your site.

Keep the messaging simple: The main goal of a promotion is enticing customers to click. Keep the fine print for after your customer has participated. Keep the Clutter keeps customers from sharing.

Include a clear call to action: Make sure customers know how to share with friends–include a button, underlined text link, or a character that indicates that the banner or link that is clearly clickable

Make it POP: Bright colors, lifestyle images, bold font – a customer should be able to see the your program when scanning the page.

For more tips on how to optimize your website’s referral program, check out our Referral Marketing Best Practices Guide.

Referral Marketing Best Practices Guide

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