Use social media tools for to your marketing advantage

Referral App

Social media is changing constantly and tools such as Facebook and Instagram are not going anywhere. One thing consumers tend to agree upon however, is their dislike for mass broadcasting and advertising. The constant bombardment of commercials, ads, and flyers can be a turnoff. Especially when not geared specifically towards the viewer/listener.

That is where a great referral program can help. When advocates are engaged, they come back more and more to share. A referral app can help you in the area most businesses forget; your brand is not what you do, it’s what people say about what you do.

Use the Extole referral app and you can:

  • Send automatic thank you’s for each share
  • Trigger check-in emails to your advocates to keep them up-to-date on your referral program
  • Send rewards immediately when their referred friends convert

Instant gratification and constant communication with your advocates are key to scaling a powerful referral program. Download our 2016 referral guide now and see how a referral app can help your company gain new customers.

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