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Referral Campaign Ideas

People buy from people. When you use Extole, you let your existing customers help you acquire new, higher quality customers. With a beautiful, easy, cross-channel sharing experience, the recommendations from your customers will generate traffic that converts and acquire customers who are more valuable and loyal.

Referral campaign ideas that Extole can help you build a program around are:

  1. Creating an omnichannel experience – Make sure your campaigns work perfectly on a desktop, on mobile devices, in-app, and even in-store
  2. Matching your brand – Make sure that every piece of content in the entire customer journey matches your brand consistently
  3. Generating in-store transactions – Offer a unique site-to-store capability that lets customers use rewards in-store or online
  4. Issue rewards with no headaches – Ensure that your customers receive the rewards they expect

Our powerful advocacy platform integrates across all devices and in stores. Download our guide now and Extole can help you see how to get your customers sharing and earning rewards.

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