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Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns have come and gone, but the successful ones become something bigger than just a campaign. They are designed to be seamless and easily accessible, yet have a savvy look that today’s internet users are expect. The are also available everywhere your customers are, so can be promoted with little to no effort by advocates.

Here are a few strategies Extole offers when building your referral campaigns:

  1. Push referrals early and often -The best referral programs build on everyday advocacy and offer the chance to refer at every opportunity
  2. Design your referrals to be seamless and easy – Design is more than just “looking” nice”, it’s about being a smooth transition and available everywhere
  3. Testing different reward structures – Finding the tipping point that makes referrals most appealing is more important than simply offering a huge bonus
  4. Personalized content – By adding that extra flair, it’s what coverts more friends into loyal customers

Extole’s referral marketing platform will scale your referral program into an acquisition machine. Check out our 2016 Referral Guide to see examples of great referral programs in action.

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