Let our referral coupon best practices help make your checkout process a breeze!

Referral Coupon

What’s worse than being on the checkout page of a website, having to go back and scour countless emails to find your discount code, only to finally go back to see you’ve been timed out? Not much. In today’s online shopping world referral coupons are necessary to take the pain out of this process.

Here is a sneak peak into our referral coupon best practices:

1) Auto apply referral rewards
Auto-applying the reward at checkout will limit drop offs. Make sure that no one has to go back and search their email for a code and risk being timed out, or worse, failing to go back and complete the checkout process completely.

2) Make it unique
Using a unique coupon code every time will allow only the intended friend to take advantage of the promotion. Your customer has taken the time to Advocate on behalf of your company – don’t dilute your brand or referral program by letting the coupon be posted on a discount site and used by anyone.

It’s vital for your referral program to make purchasing as easy and seamless as possible. Learn more about how a referral program can help your brand by checking out a case study!

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