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Potential customers are bombarded constantly by advertising messages on radio, television, and by print media. This over-exposure leads to annoyance and what is labeled as “banner blindness”. You run the risk of possibly losing any value promoting your product using traditional measures.

Avoid these marketing pitfalls and explore alternative ideas to reach new, and retain existing, customers. Consider tapping into everyday advocacy with referrals. Anyone who comes into contact with your brand, regardless if they are a customer or not, has the potential to share a referral, but only if they are aware of the opportunity.

Extole can help you with everyday advocacy by making use of a marketing app to:

  • Leverage the power of referral as a low-cost, ultra-effective customer acquisition channel
  • Promise rewards when new users log in for the first time to the app
  • Make sure the referral offer is up front and center throughout the sharing app

Referral marketing starts with awareness. Download the guide today and see how Extole can help.

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