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Referral Marketing Companies

So, you’re thinking about how to acquire more new customers and how referral marketing companies might help? With our guidance and technology, we can increase your new customer acquisition, while also driving repeat purchase form existing customers  – all by leveraging the power of word-of-mouth.

Extole’s platform is designed from the ground-up to offer an end-to-end referral marketing capability that sparks, tracks, and optimizes refer-a-friend. Our technology allows you to shape the consumer experience by uniquely customizing when, how, and what people share. Extole works on every customer touchpoint.

In addition to our technology, Extole’s people and experience make us the leading referral marketing company:

  1. Segment and analyze audiences with multiple campaigns –  Run multiple, simultaneous referral campaigns
  2. Optimize results and drive acquisition at scale – From the type and amount of rewards that customers get
  3. Make use of existing channels -Share referrals via email and social media

Acquire new customers at scale by marketing through your existing customers (and rewarding them for doing so!). Download the guide today and find out how.

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