Are you building a referral program correctly?

Referral Marketing Definition

Referral marketing definition: a method of spontaneously promoting a businesses products and services to new customers by word of mouth. This can happen through a variety of channels such as email, mobile, and social media.

Extole’s platform can help define your referral marketing, as it is built for low-friction and high-engagement to generate new customer referrals. We believe that marketing should be driven by customer activation, not only customer acquisition.

Extole believes referral marketing comes from:

  1. Pushing referrals early and often – Present referral opportunities customers actual want to share
  2. Seamless and easy referral design – Make the referral process easy on both ends
  3. Referrals that happen everywhere – Have the ability to engage you customers on any device
  4. Personalized context – A recommendation from friends and family carries more weight than a mass email or text

Referrals lead to more customers, which leads to more referrals, which leads to more customers……you get the idea. Download the guide and see what Extole can do for for your referral marketing.

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