Market through customers - not to them

Referral Marketing Ideas

Referral marketing allows you to successfully reach a customer base you may not already market to. This may be because they are not accessible under conventional channels or possibly unsure of your pricing and feel it is out of reach.

Sometimes it’s difficult to think about referral marketing ideas. What types of referrals work? How long should we use a specific strategy? What types of rewards should be used?

Extole allows you to solve these problems by reviewing your referral marketing program from the customer’s perspective and:

  • Push referrals early and often -Present a referral opportunity your customers want to share
  • Make referrals happen everywhere – Allow them to be sent and/or converted from a laptop, mobile device, or tablet
  • Design referrals to be easy and seamless – Think of the one click shopping with Amazon. No hoops to jump through or referral codes to punch in
  • Test different reward structures – Find one that drives growth for your business needs at a reasonable cost

Download the best practices guide now and let Extole  put the excitement back into creative thinking by making it easy to market through customers – not to them.

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