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Referral Marketing Opportunities

Some of the biggest referral marketing opportunities available include refer-a friend acquisition. The internet is changing the landscape of business as we know it. If you find yourself in the place of being a specific niche and are yet a smaller manufacturer, the web changes distribution channels. The key is to find out how to grab a piece of the action and acquire new customers.

That is a void Extole can fill. Referral marketing is one of the most effective options when acquiring new customers. Referral marketing opportunities with Extole can help reach customers that are not available under the standard channels. Reach high-quality potential customers through people they trust: their
friends who already know about you.

Use Extol for your referral marketing opportunities and:

  • Build a Solid Foundation – Set up a campaign
    that you can analyze, modify, and expand
  • Indulge Your Everyday Advocates – Reward them for the business they drive to you
  • Be Mobile – Make sure your brand is built for mobile devices

Download the best practice guide and see how Extole can help you reach and acquire customers that other channels cannot.

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