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Referral Marketing Programs

Boosting your product and extending your brand’s power is easy with referral marketing programs. Your customers are your biggest brand advocates, and loyal followers can impact others to follow suit. Referral marketing programs help your business acquire your most loyal customers.

With Extole, you can up the ante on your referral program and access the right analytics to target your biggest customer influencers. Our easy to use referral platform enhances the overall customer experience, and gives marketers the unique ability to launch, measure and optimize refer-a-friend programs.

Make the switch to Extole today and receive:

  • Automatic advocate segments that target your most popular influencers and largest revenue drivers
  • End-to-end analytics that show high level insights on your brand’s position in the social sphere
  • Customized refer-a-friend experiences that match your branding and messaging

Make the switch to Extole today, and turn your brand into a household name.

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