How to use data to your advantage

Referral Marketing Statistics

Referral marketing statistics data is the key to refining any marketing channel. Who refers your products and services, how many conversions they get, and even how long it takes customers to send out out referrals is the type of information collected.

Extole has an enterprise platform that can take the referral marketing statistics you gather and put it to work for you. By segmenting advocates, easily uncover shared characteristics so you may target them better in the future.

Ways Extole can use your referral marketing statistics and help are:

  • Targeting people who are similar to top Advocates – By age, gender, location, and occupation
  • Pushing Your Advocates favorite parts of the product – Look at advocates purchase history for a better understanding of what to advertise
  • Market on your Advocates go-to social platforms – Meet future customers on social media where they already are through top consumers
  • Turn referral messages into testimonials – Lift quotes directly or even reach out to advocates to write them

Get more bang for your buck by utilizing referral marketing statistics. Download the guide now and see what Extole can do for you.

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