Track referrals easily with extole

Referral Marketing Tracking

Referral marketing tracking is in essence to track a customer referral.  To do this properly you need to acquire a referral marketing software that sets up a referral marketing campaign, and can reach and track a large group of people.

Extole can help with every aspect of referral marketing tracking. Build you advocate profiles just like an email list and know your best customers- those who share and those who respond.

Extole can help you track with advocate profiling to:

  • Identify advocates and referrals automatically through a variety of data elements
  • Reward the right advocates in real-time and increase repeat advocacy
  • Better track your everyday advocacy rates

Extole’s platform can seamlessly integrate your referral program into your site and branding. Have the ability to test for the optimum incentive balance and enable your customers to easily share your products, services, and brand. Download the guide now and see for yourself.

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